Current Account

1. UNNSMFB Current Account
*Minimum Opening balance
-Individual N3,000.00
-Association N5,000.00
-Corporate N5,000.00
-Joint N5,000.00
-Microfinance Individual N3,000.00
*Verve debit card services
*No minimum balance requirement
*Requisite for credit facility
*CAM charge N5.00 Per ‘000

2. UNNSMFB Agri-Business Micro Credit
Minimum opening balance
*Individual N3, 000.00
*Groups/Co-operative N5, 000.00
*UNNSMFB Agri-business is an offshoot of Federal Government Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme Fund established through the Central Bank of Nigeria.
*Amount to be given depends on the customer’s financial capability or ability.
*Interest rate: 30% P.A at reducing balance method
*Processing fee 3%
*SECURITY: Guarantors that domiciled salary account with our bank.