Investment Account

  1.  Pay Slip Investment Plan (PASIP)
    * Minimum opening balances N2, 000.00 monthly deposits (no upper limit)
    *Interest of 3% P A on your deposits, compounded monthly will be paid to you at maturity.
    *minimum maturity period is 1 year, you can choose as many years as you want (eg.2, 3,5,10 etc)
    *Regular personalized cash pick up (daily, weekly or monthly option)
    *Allows Standing Order instructions.
    *Should you have cause to withdraw a part or the whole of your investment before its maturity, the bank’s savings account interest rate will apply.
    *In case of death, your next of kin will be paid the accrued benefits or opt to continue with the plan.
    *At maturity you can choose to withdraw only the interest, and continue with the plan for another specified term.
    ***The plan provides you with a bulk sum of money at the time you need it.
    ***Under the plan, you can opt to have your benefits paid to you on monthly basis.
    ***When you are sick or incapacitated you can get a monthly income from the investment.
    ***When you want to borrow, your investment in the plan can serve as collateral or security.
    ***The scheme enables you to cultivate savings habit to build capital with ease.
  2.  UNNSMFB Teen/Education Savings Scheme (Rock-The Foundation Of Your Children’s Financial Security)
    *Minimum opening balances N5, 000.00
    *Deposit N1, 000.00 monthly into your child’s account or allow standing order instructions.
    *Regular personalized cash pick up (daily, weekly or monthly option) by our mobile banking services for non-current account holders.
    *Attractive interest rates (1% above standard savings rates)
    *Parents could operate account on behave of their children/wards between the ages of 1-17 years of age.
    *Interest rate 3%
    *Your child automatically qualifies for a quiz completion in which he/she can win a scholarship.
    *Representation by the bank on graduation ceremonies.
    *The bank can transfer money to the child to any bank by order of the parents. Parents pay for the cost of transfer.